17 Beautiful DIY Crafts Made from Waste

  • Bharti Kumari

Updated: Feb 2

How often do we see things lying in our homes which are not completely useless? A waste that is not exactly trash-worthy. This waste stuff along with some craft accessories can be turned into beautiful utilities and can be used in our homes. Here are some example utilities or décor items which I made completely out of waste.

1. Photo frame made from 3-D movie glasses

All of us have at least once been to a 3-D movie and were handed use-and-throw 3-D movie goggles. We generally throw them away right after the movie or we return it back if asked to do so. I found them too good to throw and brought them home. Seeing them lying around in my home, an idea of making one such photo frame struck my mind and it turned out to be beautiful.

2. Vase from the used oil bottle

Affordable corner decoration is always a challenge when it comes to decorating your home. Well, take some colorful yarn and an empty oil glass bottle, wrap it around, put in some flowers, and VOILA! You just created a beautiful vase.

3. Ganesha from a light bulb

This is one of my favorites DIY. As living in Germany, there are different particular garbage places to throw different things and this broken light bulb was lying in my home for years and I was too lazy to walk some distance just to throw a single light bulb. So, with the help of Golden metallic color, permanent marker, a coaster, cotton balls, LED light, and lid of a waste jar, I designed a cute little handmade Ganesha.

4. Storage organizer from peanut cans

For someone who likes to organize things like myself, no matter how many storage boxes you already have, you are always in need of more. You need some for the bathroom, for your dressing table, for the study table and the list goes on. These storage organizers I made using peanut cans wrapped with craft clothes and some decorative accessories.

5. Pen stand from juice bottle and jeans cloth

This pen stand I made using a juice bottle, old jeans cloth to wrap around, and decorating lace or craft accessories (you can use whatever is accessible to you just to cover up the bottle).

6. Personalized gifts from jars

No gift shows affection better than personalized homemade gifts. Be it a birthday, valentine’s day, or an anniversary, you can always make a nice customized gift from an empty jar, LED light, and a lovely handwritten note for them. Here is the example which I made for my husband for his birthday and on New Year.

7. Valentine's Day special gift

Make your Valentine's day special with this personalised gift jar, full of love, hearts, and cute littles adorable things which will just make your partner go "awwww"!

8. Best Friend gift

Remind your best friend that how much she means in your life by gifting this personalized Monica-Rachel gift with mini letters of cute memories together.

9. Décor ideas from wine bottles

LED bottles are of great use when it comes to decorating your home for various occasions. Apart from this, spending some alone time with your partner, this dim light is perfect to do wonders for the ambiance.

10. Hanging feathers

Don't you like it when someone enters your home and they see something unique and for that, you get extra compliments! Well, these beautiful hanging feathers are easiest to make and all you need a stick from the garden, yarn, and some feathers. It is "a must have" things in your kids room.

11. Hanging letterbox from old jeans

There are many cute letterboxes available in the market but recycled and handmade stuff has its own place. This letterbox was just made with old jeans.

12. Photo frames ideas

Pictures bring life to the home and that is why we are always in need of more photo frames. The best part of handmade photo frames is that you can keep them in every possible direction based on background. This photo frame was made of lids of paper boxes.

13. Miniature Garden

This doesn't need a description as the pictures itself describe the beauty of this piece placed in your living room.

14. Files holder from the cardboard box

We always need a handy file organizer for our study room. Well, without spending a single penny, just with some gift wrapping papers, this colorful folder was made from an Amazon delivery box.

15. Personalized wall hanging signs

Who doesn't love personalized wall décor in the bedroom! Well, this one is pretty easy to make, just take an old kitchen chopping board, cover it up with sparkling metallic color and write whatever you want and it's done.

16. A candle lamp from a broken LED lamp

Personally, I am a big fan of hanging candle lamps and of colorful things in my home and so here is a combination of both. Made from a broken LED lamp, using birthday decoration frills, this colorful lamp looks even more beautiful than its older look.

17. Personalized bottle messages

These little cute personalized bottle messages are enough to make someone's day or to bring a smile on any occasion.

I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoying making them and hopefully you will try one of them. Do share your experince. <3


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Felt amazingly proud to read this!


Muskan karariya

We think,show pity and anger...but nobody wants to step into it ...because it needs courage.



Beautiful ideas Nd beautiful work



You are more than amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💚💛keep inspiring us !



Amazing love you


Shalini Gambhir

Just WOW!!🤩🤩



Just wow wow wow 🤩 and



So so beautiful I can't explain in my words amazing fantastic hope we saw more creativity in future also we r feelings proud of u









Well written!



Wow, they all are so beautiful. Tarif karu kia uski jisne inhe banaya.

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