12 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

  • Bharti Kumari

Personalized gift

1. Valentine's Special Jar

Make your Valentine's day special with this personalized gift jar, full of love, hearts, and cute little adorable things that will just make your partner go "Awwww"!

2. Wallet Card Size Photo

In movies, we often see people taking out a beautiful picture of their loved ones from their waller but how many of us really have a photo in our wallet. Make a digital size photo, laminate it and gift it to yourself and your loved one on this special occasion.

3. Memories Album

With this digital era, everything has become a piece of data piled up in our laptop/hard disk which after a while even we don't remember. Don't do this to yourself and to all those memories. At the beginning of the year, sort out all the photos of last year (month wise) and make a beautiful album, write funny or lovely captions which remind you of that day, and gift it to yourself and your partner to cherish these memories forever.

4. Personalized Cup

Cup/Mug gifts are boring BUT if you write something personalized, something which seizes the moment for the person who is reading it, believe me, it's one of the most beautiful gifts.

5. An Old Photograph

An old photograph can bring magic, especially when that photograph represents a very special moment for both of you.

6. Couple Signature Plate

We all have our cute names for each other, so why not make a "couple signature" to gift on this valentine's day.

7. Bottle Message

These little cute personalized bottle messages are another way to express your love to them.

8. A Surprise on His "Work from Home" Setup

In this corona situation, we all are working from home and sometimes we find it mundane to start our day. Bring a smile on your partner's face while decorating the desk or the wall of his office room. Believe me, you will make his entire day beautiful and happy and we all want happiness, isn't it?

Other Common Gifts:

9. Wallet

I love this gift. Unlike women who carry hundreds of things while going out, men carry nothing but they always keep a wallet. So this is the safest and best option if you don't have time for a personalized gift.

10. A Fine Belt

Again, who doesn't need a belt? Gift him a fine leather belt and before you realize it, this will be his favorite belt.

11. Tie

Umm, everyone says, I don't need it but once a while we all have a super formal meeting and in that situation, you don't want to borrow it from someone, so having it in his wardrobe doesn't harm it and you will save him for the very important day.

12. Wristwatch

One of my favorites as I am a big fan of watches. Gift him a watch which he likes to wear (sporty/classy) and he is definitely gonna love it.

♥️HAPPY Valentine's DAY ♥️



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15. Feb. 2021

Beautiful ideas Nd beautiful work



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You are more than amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️💓💓💓💚💛keep inspiring us !