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Who are We?

We are two peas in a pod on our journey to see it all, live it all, and share it all, that inspired

Here we provide latest information on itineraries, budget accommodation suggestions, misleading tourist traps as per our experiences. is not ONLY about travel though, but it is also about love, ups and downs of life, late-night random thoughts and the things which we come across almost every day. Here we tell stories about the world from our lens. Our motto is 'spread the love wherever you go', the world is meant to be loved. We hope that you find a connection through our blog and also share your experiences with us.  


I am a scholar with a PhD degree in physical chemistry (not in any way related to what Heisenberg did in Breaking Bad. Alas perhaps?). Hailing from India, working in Germany, wanting to travel the world as much as my body and pocket permits. I love to experience things and tell stories through my writing so people who have the same dream can feel the connection. I want to tell people about the wonders of mother earth, beauties of nature and the blessings of life so that  people will understand what they have is very special and sacred.


Live to Live.


-Bharti Kumari


A software designer by profession and a traveler at heart. I am an avid believer of living this moment to the fullest. Be it coding, traveling or hell, sitting at home doing nothing, I do it all with all of me!

-Puneet Arora

Jab We Met !

We met on a trip to the city of Raj and Simran, Switzerland. On boarding the tour bus, there was a dearth of vacant seats (or perhaps our cunning, conniving destiny was playing a trick) and we “had to” sit next to each other. We chatted the entire trip until we returned on the same bus and this time we “chose to” sit next to each other. Without realizing much we made plans for our next travel and next and the one after that until one day we both realized we two were in a relationship. Its been four years of traveling together and eternity more to come.

Meet The Team

Bharti Kumari

Content Creator

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Priyanka Daksh

Social Media Expert

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Puneet Arora

Website Designer

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